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How to Care for Your Vintage Handbag

Owning vintage handbags can be a great way to add personality and unique style to your wardrobe. Many vintage styles have details and finishing touches which are simply not found on handbags and purses which are manufactured today, making them an enjoyable collectable and essential fashion accessory!

If you are one of the many style-conscious women who enjoy vintage handbags then chances are you are concerned with how to best care for and clean your belongings.

Here are some important tips to consider while loving and living with your vintage handbags.

Keep it light:

When using any style of vintage bag or purse it is important to remember that due to their age, your accessories will not be as durable as newer fashions. For this reason it is important to keep your bag contents lightweight and compact. Weighting your vintage handbags down with heavier items such as books, water bottles or even electronics can damage the bag’s fasteners and handles. If you simply must carry all of your belongings with you, consider limiting the use of your vintage handbags for those times where all you need are your wallet, lip gloss and cell phone.

Keep it clean:

This is an important point to remember whether you own vintage handbags, hats, shoes or even clothing. Avoid harsh chemicals as much as possible. When using your handbag make sure not to place anything which may spray or spill inside your bag. For example, bottles of perfume, cans of hairspray and even hand sanitizers should be left at home while traveling with a vintage handbag. The alcohol and chemicals contained in these products can cause permanent damage to old leathers, liners and even metal components.

Keep it safe:

As with all vintage fashion accessories it is important to not only use your bags carefully but also store them with care and consideration. When not in use, try placing your vintage handbags inside a cloth closet organiser. This way you can ensure that your handbags will not become ruined by being dropped on the floor or crowded in among other belongings. It is also a good idea to empty your vintage handbags when you put them away.

The Top 4 Most Popular Designs for Vintage Handbags

If you are one of the many fans of vintage handbags then you may already know how hard it is to own only one. There is something truly fascinating and fun about vintage clothing and accessories and for those who collect and enjoy them regularly, a single handbag just isn’t ever enough!

There are so many styles, designs, shapes and sizes to choose from that there always seems to be one more that will set off an outfit perfectly, or complete your entire collection, it seems as though the choices are endless. And the bang-for-your-buck value is beyond compare!

Here are the top four vintage handbags!

The Oversized Shoulder Bag

This vintage essential has really hit the mainstream in recent months and seems to be all the rage with Hollywood celebrities and big name designers! Made to hold all of your daily needs, these bags are often complete with numerous pockets, buckles, snaps, inner storage compartments and even embroidered embellishments. Oversized vintage handbags can come with a hefty price tag, but are often made to last with durable and dependable materials such as leather, denim and even plastics.

The Bejewelled Clutch

Great for evenings out and nights on the town, vintage clutches make for a fabulous finishing touch! It is not uncommon to find these vintage handbags in discount stores and used clothing shops. They are considered by some to be too over-the-top for daily use, but that is what makes them so much fun! If you are searching for a vintage clutch consider buying one which comes with a detachable strap or wrist handle for convenience and class!

The Bowler Inspired Sports Bag

Bowling bags have a very unique shape. They are quite often square on the bottom with a roomy and rounded interior. Though the shape of these vintage handbags may not work for everyone, they can come in handy when strutting to the gym or while on a weekend outing. Casual and charming, these vintage handbags are a great choice for the busy modern woman who loves the classic fashions of the past!

The Drawstring Pouch

One of the most unusual vintage handbag designs is the elaborate and elegant pouch. Popular in the 1930s this small and dainty handbag was meant for carrying such everyday essentials as hair pins, coins and small vials of perfume. Though they are less common than other vintage handbags, these feminine and fashionable collectables can really make a statement when carried out on the town!